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Thank you for acquiring this Video/DVD/Tape/CD, or using such self-help aid through my web page (www.pastlives.com)! Past life exploration/travel is possible under certain circumstances. First practice having your body and mind relaxed, and in a meditative state go to a safe and comfortable place, and close your eyes. You may use soothing background music, such as Higher Ground by Steven Halpern found in this material. Focus your attention on your breathing until you feel relaxed in mind and body. Next, allow impressions to freely flow in from your five senses (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste), feelings, thoughts, inner intuitions, physical sensations, or a combination of those. It is imperative to trust yourself completely, including your first impressions or gut feeling. They are generally on point, leading you where you need to go in your quest. During this described process the critique, analysis and judgment are left to the end. If they come your way, gently permit them to guide you deeper into your meditative state. As you let go, come back to your inner place of safety, serenity and peace. In this passive state "compose" your past life as if it were fiction. In other words, allow the above spontaneous experience to unfold as a motion picture, in which you are fully involved as the main protagonist. In the end of this meditation make sure to count backward from 3 to 1, 5 to 1, or 10 to 1, or use any other signal you may chose to bring yourself back to full normal alertness, with only positive effects and after effects, as a result of this experience. Due to our day by day physical "reality programming", or "left brain" orientation rooted in logical and physically tangible experiences, we may have the first impression, after emerging from such a meditative state, the experience was self created. But this is far from true. My experience of 24 years with thousands of patients and other clients proved to me that 80% of the information obtained in this manner is made of real memories and only about 20 % is made of imagination, fantasy, symbol, or metaphor. Even this 20% of information has a hidden meaning that may eventually be uncovered as well. This finding is corroborated by many professional workers in this field. Remember that practice makes perfect. For best results, I recommend that you practice time travel following the above guidelines, preferably at least once daily, before, during and after using this enclosed audio, or audio-video material. You will notice that every time you practice, you will discover more details, and occasionally enlightening insights about yourself and the world around you, as well as your spiritual essence.

This reincarnation exploration/travel can improve one's life, but is not intended to preclude medical/neurological and/or psychiatric/psychological care. Please, consult a physician, or therapist prior to use when facing any emotional, or mental disorder, are pursuing psychotherapy, have a seizure, or other neurological condition and use only under their supervision.

Refrain from using this Time Travel-Past Life Regression and driving or operating dangerous equipment or machinery, requiring your full attention or concentration.

I and/or my assignees, associates, or agents assume no responsibility for any use, or misuse of this audio, or audio-video material, or any other means. If you need more information, please visit my web pages: http://www.pastlives.com and http://www.adrianfinkelstein.com!

Love and God bless you,

Adrian Finkelstein, M.D.

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